Sacramento Gurdwara Sahib

The Sikh Temple Sacramento started in 1983 with purchase of a small church building located at 2301 Evergreen Ave., West Sacramento, on a two acre parcel of land. The Church building was remodeled to make it suitable for Gurdwara needs. To meet the needs of the rapidly growing congregation, an additional 2 acres of land adjacent to the original property was purchased in September 1991. A new Gurdwara Sahib (approximately 20,000 Sq. ft.), was built on this adjacent parcel and opened on July 27, 1997.  A new two-story complex, (approximately 26,000 Sq. ft.), containing a Langar Hall, second prayer hall, residential quarters, and schoolrooms, was completed on April 18, 2010.

An additional property with a commercial building located in the back of Gurdwara Sahib was purchased in June 2003 for $559,554.  This building was remodeled to meet the needs of the Sacramento Valley Charter School. The Sikh Temple has also acquired 5-6 adjacent residential properties to serve as residential quarters for the Gurdwara staff and clergy.

A Sunday school has been running at this Gurdwara Sahib with full management support since 1984. The Sunday school is run with the help of volunteers from the congregation, in which children are taught Gurmukhi (Punjabi) Scripts, Sikh History, Gurbani (core Sikh scriptures), Kirtan (devotional music), and Sikh culture. Currently we have over 300 students enrolled. In May/June every year we also celebrate Punjabi cultural festival with Sunday school children and adults as well.

A Major accomplishment for Sacramento Gurdwara Sahib is establishing and running a K to 8th grade Charter School within the Gurdwara Compound.  The Sacramento Valley Charter School, K to 8th grade, opened in August 2011 with over 100 students enrolled. The 2015/2016 school year enrolled over 240 students.

I addition to establishing a State approved Charter school, another note worthy accomplishment at this Gurdwara Sahib is that there have been no formal elections to date for the selection the management (Sevadar) committee.  Every two years, the management committee members have been selected with unanimous consent. This has created an atmosphere of peace and harmony among the management committee as well the congregation, and has led to the tremendous progress this Gurdwara Sahib has achieved. 

Since the inception of this Gurdwara Sahib, there have been many dedicated persons who have left a positive mark on the progressive history of this Gurdwara Sahib.  There is one person, however, who had a tremendous impact in shaping the current culture of cooperation, selfless service, and spirit of working together for the greater good, was late Gaini Wadhawa Singh Ji (1921-2009).  He served and led the Gurdwara Sahib from 1987 until his death in 2009. He was an enlightened man with a noble soul.  He had deep understanding of Sikhism and the divine message. His compassion and spirituality touched the lives of countless people. Although he is no longer in this world, his spirit keeps on guiding the current management Committee to work together in making this Gurdwara Sahib a tranquil place of worship for the thousands, who regularly attend this Gurdwara Sahib.


2015 Annual Report and General Secretary S. Mohinder Singh Sandhu