Later Arrivals

The women in this category arrived in the United States between 1970 and the 1990s. This is an eclectic group of women whose compelling life stories help illuminate diverse aspects of the Punjabi diaspora. Charan Kaur Kang shares her harrowing story of surviving India’s partition of 1947. Siri Pritam Khalsa, a native of Germany, dedicates her life to Sikhi and becomes an important member of Yuba City’s Punjabi community. Bhani Rai represents the thousands of women who were left behind in Punjab after their husbands settled overseas for years or even decades. Tribute is also due to “the two Guddis” (as they are affectionately known). Guddi Sidhu and Guddi Kaur Ranu’s partnership led to an impressive array of Punjabi and Sikh organizations, language programs, women’s organizations, and women’s festivals in Fresno in California’s Central Valley. In honor of International Women’s Day, Guddi Sidhu, Guddi Ranu and other like-minded women founded the Sikh Women’s Organization of Central California in Fresno.

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Charan Kaur Kang

Siri Pritam Khalsa

Bhani Rai

Guddi Kaur Ranu

Guddi Siddhu