Punjabi Women’s Folk Songs

Women’s folk music and dances enjoy tremendous popularity in the Punjab region of India and Pakistan.  The imaginative space of women’s folk music is still deeply influenced by the rhythms of life in a Punjabi pind (village).  The Giddha dance performed by women has experienced a surge of popularity as a vibrant cultural expression of feminine artistry, grace, and agility wherever Punjabis have settled around the world.

The small selection of women’s songs in this gallery below were performed by women in Sharanjit Kaur Ranu’s home in Fresno, CA on December 9, 2019.

The songs were translated by Dr. Kuldeep Singh, UC Davis Punjabi lecturer. 



An Auspicious Moment


A Sister’s Love for her Brother


A Bride’s Sorrow Leaving her Family


A Funny Verbal Contest


A Funny Verbal Contest



A Playful Celebration


A Popular Women’s Folk Dance

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