Performing selfless service to help others is highly valued in Punjabi culture.  People who dedicate themselves to serving others are known as sevadars.  The women featured as sevadars were also part of the pioneer generation of the 1950s and 1960s in Yuba City.  It is important to note that there is a great deal of overlap between the pioneer women and sevadar groups.  The majority of the women in the pioneer generation group also performed a great deal of seva.  The women in this group, however, are highlighted as sevadars because they were frequently mentioned in numerous interviews for their hours of volunteer service at the Gurdwara and for their families and communities.

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Gian Kaur Bains

Joginder Kaur Dhaliwal

Amar Kaur Everest

Sant Kaur Grewal

Darshan Kaur Johl

Swarn Kaur Johl

Harbans Kaur Panu

Harbhajan Kaur Purewal

Preetam Kaur Purewal

Gurmit Kaur Takhar

Harbhajan Kaur Takher