These women were also part of the pioneer generation, but they also distinguished themselves by charting new leadership and career paths.  These women are defined in this category for two reasons.  Some of these women were one of the first Muslim or Hindu women from Punjab to settle in Yuba City.  Given that the majority of Punjabi women followed the Sikh faith, the life journeys of Muslim and Hindu women from Punjab needed to chart slightly different paths for themselves and their families in their new country.  Kaneez Dean may have been the first Punjabi Muslim woman who settled in Yuba City from the newly-created country of Pakistan.  Bhagwanti Ohri and Kushlia Devi were prominent Hindu women in the community.  The other women included as trailblazers were determined to create professional careers as individuals outside of the home.  Often these women were born into relatively privileged backgrounds in which they were able to pursue advanced education and/or they enjoyed a high level of support from their husbands and/or in-laws to achieve their career aspirations.

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Kaneez Dean

Kushlia Devi

Pritam Kaur Heir

Satnam Johl

Bhagwanti Ohri

Savitri Randhawa

Mohinderjit Thiara

Satinder Thiara

Rajinder (Rani) Toor

Veena Singh